The Photography Project consists of Professional Photographers from Canada doing creative assignments each month to explore other photography subjects.


We believe in photography as a creative endeavour, which joins technical skills with artistic vision.

We believe in lifelong learning and the development of our skills.

We believe in sharing, working together and providing mutual support to help our friends reach their fullest potential on their lifelong photography journey.


We bring over 100 years of photography knowledge to our project work. We might not agree on Nikon vs Canon, PC vs Mac, or Coffee vs Tea (obviously its coffee!), but we all agree that the key to greatness to putting in the time, doing the work, testing, failing, & trying again.

Call For Submissions

Do you have a photography project that you would love to share on our blog & social media? Drop us a line & send us a watermarked sample. We are always looking for new work to feature. Our team will review your submission & contact you if we would like to share your work.


All of the contributing photographers are fully accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada. Among us are also several Master photographers, as well as award winners, recognized nationally and internationally. We are constantly striving to reach even greater heights personally & professionally.