Julie Tauro

— Founder of The Photography Project, Photographer, Digital Marketer

As the founder of The Photography Project, I am certainly a very VERY important person. My cat Lucy, and my dog Cooper agrees with that with 100% certainty. My family…they are confident that I am very important, at least some of the time. Especially when it is time to go buy chocolate.

I am currently a full-time digital marketer with a national retail chain. I spend my days trying not to spend my pay cheque on stuff.

I spent 13 years as a portrait photographer and have been clicking a shutter on some camera or another for over 30 years (egads!)

My vision for The Photography Project is that it becomes an ENORMOUSLY fun and inspirational place for learning and growing as a photographer. There is ALWAYS more to learn (and sadly, more equipment to buy, am I right!?!)


Irrelevant, but Nevertheless, Potentially Interesting Factoids on which we can connect on a personal level:

  • I am weird and like it that way. But lots of people think I am pretty normal. Thus proving, I am a FABULOUS actor.
  • I am an introvert. Also, most people don’t believe me when I say that to them – for sure, I should get an Oscar or something.
  • I have so many things to do and learn in this short life, but I need to clone myself to get to it all. Which I would learn how to do, if only I had the time to learn the science behind cloning, which, if had the time to do  if I had that aforementioned clone. It’s a sad cycle of not getting all the things done.
  • I was a stay at home mom for 18 years. And LIKED it (see, weird.). I am a combo of a crunchy mom, with a side of frugal farmer wife and a dash of  stiff upper lip (not sure if that is the German or UK origin contributing to that part)
  • I wasn’t staying home all those years in my house by myself (I wish!). I have two adult and one almost adult kids. They grew up at a freakishly rapid pace. I am on the brink of successfully launching them into the world. You are welcome, cause they ROCK!
  • I have been married for nearly 25 years. We look EXACTLY the same as our wedding day. Like, IDENTICAL. Really…okay, one of us uses a bit of hair colour from time to time.
  • I have a flair for exaggeration and drama at times (see the above few points)
  • Bios require full disclosure of problematic behaviour. This is my full disclosure: I drink too much black coffee, I love wine (but red doesn’t always love me these days…I still drink it though, cause you know, “problematic behaviour” and all), I am definitely not a morning person, I hate gyms, I hate winter, I hate snakes, and I have become a terrible housekeeper/gardener/chore-doer (all those years as a SAHM ruined me for it…at least that is my story)
  • On a more positive note, not everything I am into is considered irresponsible. I am a moderately creative person, I recently took up archery, joined Toastmasters, I love reading, music is my jam (nearly every awake moment in my life has a sound track happening in the background), I enjoy tennis and curling (although I am not that good), and from time to time, I take photographs for fun. I also like to eat lots of fresh Ontario fruits and veggies (all the heathly goodness in those foods supports Ontario farmers, the economy and negate any bad health effects all that coffee and wine might be causing. I am a SUPER DUPER responsible person!)