Favourite Things

When thinking about my “favourite things”, my mind tends to picture the little things – small pleasures that make me smile and my day a little brighter. Far from coveting the biggest and best with which to keep up with the Jones’, I’m mostly interested in the basics, if not downright offbeat, items.

So, with Julie Andrews singing away in my head, here are some of my favourite things (in no particular order)…

Favourite Things 01 Jay Terry MPA

If you’ve ever seen one of my social media posts, the first one isn’t going to be a surprise: my wife, Amanda. Although we’re nearing ten years together, it still feels like we’re dating. Following very closely behind her (now that I think about it, they usually are, actually) are our twin furballs, Pan and Loki. We call them our “pride” because Loki moves like a panther and Pan has the face of a lion cub.

Favourite Things 02 Jay Terry MPA

Food … omg, food! Meat, before all else, especially game – venison, moose, wild boar: my mouth just waters thinking about them. Simple sweets like pure vanilla ice cream, cannolis, those little rock-hard Christmas candies that no one else likes (more for me!) gummy anythings. Then there are the specialty items that I crave from time to time (pay attention here, these are all on my Christmas list): Victoria Teas & Coffees Brandy Ice Wine coffee, Edinburgh Rock, Sint Maarten Gold Oak-Aged coconut Rum and Tellicherry pepper.

Favourite Things 03 Jay Terry MPA

Then there’s my art. I started drawing shortly after I learned to walk and it’s evolved into so much more – painting, tattoo and logo design, my photography – anything that lets me ‘create’. The image here is a mixture of photography, digital painting and hand-drawing (Santa’s Choice … biker snowmen. Creative does not necessarily mean normal).

The only way I can describe this ‘favourite thing’ would be with the word “experience”. It’s somewhat intangible as it’s all about taking in moments and building memories. There was that time that my Dad and I took his 1980 Goldwing for a drive down to the St. Lawrence to watch the tankers make their way through the locks, running my hand along Hadrian’s Wall while envisioning the world from the time it was made, eating locally-made deep fried plantains while walking the black sand beaches of Dominica or rappelling into a deep, dark cenote in the Yucatan. Oh, and I can’t forget strategy games, perfect for the mind that never shuts off.

Like Julie Andrews. Now that I have that song in my head, it’s never going away…. nertz.


Jay Terry is a portrait and commercial photographer in London, ON. He can be found at Jay Terry Photography or on Facebook, and he responds well when people come to visit … with pizza. Find him on Twitter and Instagram.