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Few things connect us like food does.

When was the last time you had a social event, even a simple visit from a friend, where food wasn’t a part of it somehow? Obviously, we need it to survive, but it’s the one truly ubiquitous accessory at every gathering, it’s one of the most common things we photograph for social media and it’s the go-to emotional companion for many of us.

When I’m in a good mood, I crave cheese – marble or smoked Gouda. When I’m feeling down, I want something loaded with sugar. Coming straight out of the gym, it’s fruit … and then meat. If I’m feeling anxious, I head straight for salty snacks like dry roasted peanuts. When I’m bored, I go looking for protein bars just so I don’t hit the “junk cupboard”.

Food is a central focus at celebrations, especially weddings. Who doesn’t speculate as to what will be served? It usually takes up more conversation time than the bride (sorry brides, straight up truth). We still get comments about the food at our wedding. It could have been the entremets – vodka and grapefruit sorbet – or maybe the grilled beef tenderloin a la Zingara … whatever, it was fantastic. Honestly, I remember my bride and the food (yes, in that order!)

Then, there are the seasonal associations. Fun-loving summers are all about the BBQ – cedar plank salmon, steak (ohhh … the steak!) and, if it’s early enough, fiddle heads with mushrooms in garlic butter. Hide-inside winters call for hearty slow cooker meals, like lentil stew, chilli and spicy meatballs. How about autumn? The first thing I think about is Thanksgiving and beautifully golden brown stuffed turkey.

Food even featured in my photography program. When it was time to first practice digital manipulation, I went straight to food. I still have the image I created of a bunch of grapes on a white background, with the colours of the grapes changed so they looked like gumballs.

Sweet-Foods - Jay Terry Photography

And, now, if you’ll excuse me … I seem to have worked up a bit of an appetite…


Jay Terry is a portrait artist and commercial photographer in London, ON. Find him on Facebook and Instagram, or see his work at Jay Terry Photography.