I am a Greek-Canadian and while very proud of being a Canadian, I am also super proud of my heritage.

Greece has many regions. What many do not really know is that each region is significantly different from each other with their own customs, their own traditions and their own distinctive costumes…from the Pontians to the Macedonians, or as well call them….Makedoni.

Many people know the common “Amelia” costume that are seen in our parades worn by many girls.

July Heritage_0002
July Heritage_0004

One of the most distinctive costumes and to be honest, one of my favorites, is from the region of Thessaly and it is worn by women. These women were reputed to be beautiful, refined and very dignified.

July Heritage_0003

The women were known as Karagouna.

To write about the Karagouna costume I would probably need a book.

July Heritage_0005

Suffice it to say that there is a lot of embroidery, colourful cord work, and personal pieces that are picked up and passed down through the generations and that would show the wealth of the Karagouna.

A big thank you to my friend Angela Palantzas for her help in both providing and modeling the costume.

July Heritage_0001

For more information on the Karagouna and their costume: