Kristina Laukkanen Food Photography

PJ Food 2016 1-94684


PJ Food 2016 2-78160
This month’s theme is food – and I just love photographing this subject. It is not my area of expertise but I’m loving the opportunity to challenge myself and learn more about it. If anything I have learned through this month’s theme is that don’t underestimate good looking food or an expert ie. Food stylist who can select it. It’s no easy task. It may sound a tad vain but it’s totally true. When selecting the fruits and vegetables for food photography, you want the best possible looking pieces. Nothing bruised, optimum colour and shape. I had selected a piece of Dragon Fruit for its colour – which I’ve never eaten before – pineapple and pears. Unfortunately, the dragon fruit never made it – I had selected a poor one that rotted by the next day of shooting  and it’s not like it’s available at the corner store although Loblaws and most other major superstores do carry it regularly now in the Toronto area.

I decided that I wanted to keep the light simple and use subtractive light. I just love the dramatic sexy food images that’s trending and lacing my Pinterest feed these days. I don’t normally shoot this style of light so I found that my eye wasn’t as trained to it in camera vs shooting much lighter and airier imagery. I also decided to shoot from above – last time I shot from the side. These were my results after some tweaking in Photoshop and I’m happy with them but I look forward to exploring this style further more this year and training my eye for it 😀

PJ Food 2016 3-09250

PJ Food 2016 4-80439