One of the hardest assignments to date for me. I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it! Originally I wanted to do a self-portrait with my 13 month old son. But due to scheduling, this didn’t happen – however it did allow me to reflect and remind myself of how my friends, family or clients feel on the other side of the lens. I am truly honoured and amazed how they relax and trust my instinct about facial expressions and angles in such a short amount of time.

I did think about my wardrobe and originally I had something more chic planned out (Oh who are we kidding? I’m no stylist and I give praise to the pros that are) but when it came down to it these were the images that I could look at and recognize myself in.



The first image was taken about 10 frames into the interval timer on my Nikon D750. I remember thinking about how much more comfortable I was wearing my warm up jacket vs. the button down collared shirt I had on earlier but still feeling a bit awkward and wanting to burst out laughing at myself. The 2nd shot I remember feeling a sense of relief of not having to look at the camera and think about how to smile a million different ways. lol I think it also represents my quiet side (although my husband may be shaking his head right now lol) But it’s true. I have moments (not many lately with a toddler in the house) where I love some quiet time with my thoughts or just reading. I loved discovering the art of meditation 2 years ago when I started to incorporate it into my daily workflow. It’s amazing how just 10-15 mins a day of completely unplugging can relieve so much tension in the mind and body – it’s like feeling refreshed after a nap. Hmmmmm….I think I’ll need to revisit it 😉

NOTE: thank you to the fabulous MUA + Hair Allana of who touched up this mug of mine and ran a brush and flat iron through my ratty hair just to give it a tad style. Please check out her website though to see more of her amazingness!


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